Good morning Heman Aeromaniacs,

Donald Pritchard Charlton School and Science College Wellington Telford UK. I have a student (Michael Yates) who is about to start his final year and is also a member of our model aircraft club, we currently fly control-line. Your web site is a perfect resource for Michael and his project, would you be prepared to grant consent to use some of the information in his portfolio? He must build a model for the practical aspect which must include an element of design, he is currently building a 19 powered 'Peacemaker', unfortunately this falls outside of the exam board scope as the peacemaker is an already established design ergo, we must produce our own design. I must include a photo (August 2010) for your info, an OS LA 40 powered 'Peacemaker' which flys like a dream.

Many thanks
Donald Pritchard

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Don PritchardPritchard Chariton School

"RE: In Memory of Bill Osborne 1915 - 2003"

Bill taught my son how to fly and he soloed in 1 weekend. We were there to observe the Golden State Champs in 1989. Buddy even won a Cox P-19 trainer that Bill was giving away. Bill has a special place in my heart. He'll certainly be missed. My prayers to his family.

Crist Rigotti
Electric - The Future of Old Time Stunt

RE: Any suggestion for beginners?"

In response to Reply # 9 I was thinking the other day about Iskandar Taib, who is in Kuala Lampur. He went to college here, and flew a lot with our guys. Last reports from him (a year?) indicated that he was travelling a bit to Singapore and other Asian rim countries for contests. He's been quite active with youth and promoting Controline, tho I think he does also fly some Radio Control. He was known as Isk or Isky here, and you should find his contact information in "Profiles" under one of those nicknames. Most of us never met him, but liked him a lot. This was his second home... Anyway, I would suggest getting ahold of Isky and see what his beginner's program is doing. I'll bet he has some knowledge of local products that will be of help.

We do get "AP" 1/2a engines here, that I believe are Chinese knock-offs of Russian/Ukraine designs, and it seems that they work pretty well. If you stick to the 1/2a size, then you really need to find the coroplast flying disc design on Heman Lee's website: http://www.aeromaniacs.com/

There's a link to the plans and article. In the standard 1/2a size, these are about as easy, cheap, and durable a trainer as you could possibly ask for....

Steve Helmick
Renton, Washington USA

I love the plane.. As matter the fact I am going to build one.. BTW, I can't seem to download the video... Can you send it to me?

Robert Shell
TexMaster Tools Inc.

Yahoo Group: controllineflyinggroup

They have the "Osborne Platter".I used 4mm coroplast and .049 Baby Bee and Golden Bee for 2 of them they are a bit touchy. One has crashed about 50 times, still using same prop. (We fly over grass) I also made an XF5U-1 with coroplast and a Norvel .061. and a Cox .020 powered 9.5" span Little Jerk out of the same stuff. They all work just fine.


Business Software Development Specialist I teach physical science to 9th graders at Duluth Junior Academy located just outside of Atlanta. I am teaching Bernoulli's principle, aerodynamics, air flight, center of gravity, etc. and want to use the platter as my tool for teaching these things. I am wondering if you could sell me some of the Osborne Platter Kits. I could get the engines but I am having trouble locating all of the other necessary parts. It would be a great help to me if I could buy some of those kits from you or if you could tell me where I could get them from.

Brandon W. Bryan
Science Teacher,
Duluth Junior Academy

Hey folks,
I'm Mike Danford of Chickamauga GA, started modeling when I was seven with a Scientific control line kit.  Well, I've come full circle (pun intended) and I'm back to flying control line nearly exclusively after some 18 years of modeling. 

Really happy to find your site, it's wonderful. Starting my son (7) and his friend (12) in control line planes.  Started with a sheet balsa trainer (a Sterling beginners series), duplicated for his buddy.  Since getting them going I found your site and we've built a couple platters.  They seem wonderful also, may even be simple enough to entice the daughter!

Having a dickens of a time with the Cox engines.  Admittedly, I bought a bunch used off the internet to avoid the $30 to $40 a pop.  I'm not looking for a 4-2-4 stunt run, just a solid tank of gas at a time.  I'd love to chat with the Cox guru of the club to get us going in the right direction.

I got Bill's number off the roster page and will bug him tomorrow, but if there's someone else in the club who's a Cox guru also, please forward my number or email to them. Thanks a million for all the effort on the website, we'll be starting the stealth platters any day now!

Mike Danford
Chickamauga, GA

From Stuka CL Forum:

My son learned more on a thing called "the Platter" than anything else. Primarily because it WON'T break due to crashes (on grass at least). You just pick it up, dust it off, and keep flying. Seen 5 full bore strait into the turf off a wingover trying to get the nerve to recover inverted with NO damage. You can find plans for this thing at www.aeromaniacs.com, neat little site. It's foamboard, two pieces of 1/16 plywood, packing tape, one piece of balsa, 1/2 control horn set/bellcrank, 1/16 wire pushrod, engine mount and two hours of your time. If you have a problem finding any of this, let me know. Your Killer Bee if perfect. We built the "stunt platter" version, it will do any maneuver if you're engine is running well. By the way, the "Stealth Platter" on the site looks pretty neat...

While flying this, do like mentioned above, get a ".35 sized" plane and go to town. Sounds like you're building capable, I'll send you a set of Flight Streak plans if you want, most people here would agree that's a pretty good plane to learn with. Having just made the switch to OS engines, that's a no brainer, get a properly set up OS 25 or something and have fun. Goto the Pampa website like mentioned above (any search engine and the word "PAMPA" will find it also) and see if any members are in your area. Just call them up during "polite" hours and introduce yourself, unlikly you'll get a cold shoulder. If you do, come back and complain!

Welcome to the club, have fun!

Mike Danford
490 Bonds Road
Chickamauga, GA 30707

Dear Mr. Lee,
I downloaded your Platter plans quite a long time ago. My sons and I finished one of them for flying over the 4th of July. We have been flying control line planes for a long time, but have returned to .049 engines time again because of their inexpensive nature and pure fun to fly. Your Platter got a lot of attention from family. It is painted silver and has UFO lettered on the vertical tail! It flew very well with all of us flying it -- ages 9 to 40! We built the trainer model with a few small modifications and it was very stable in the air. We have 4 more cut out, including a stunt model and plan to have as many as 4 of them in a circle at one time! Should be fun!

Thanks for sharing your design. I'm sure my boys will want to try the Stealth design soon.


David Diestelkamp
Aurora, IL

I am so happy, and our kids will be also. I promise to send photos of the kids and the big kids also (the 65 thru 75 club) Please send to:

Robert Martinez
C-29 Marginal St.
Ext. Forest Hills
Bayamon, P.R. 00959

RE: C/L Trainers"
Here is a differnt idea.Try a Platter from Heman Lee's web site.They are cheap almost bullet pruf. Its called a Platter. Taught myself(again)daughter and 2 neighbor kids with 1 this summer. Use a TD though instead of a black widow. And 40' lines.if all else failes---accelerate!

Steve Dalke
Neillsville WI

Ok ok, more good news. C/L got a new inductee yesterday. You all may have heard me mention a thing called the Platter (www.areomaniacs.com) here (and elsewhere). It's a foamboard 1/2A job that is really neat. IT DOESN'T BREAK! Well, I built a "guest platter", and it saw its first new flyer yesterday. In one afternoon he's soloing. Today we'll try and see if he can loop! That's where the real punishment on the airframe comes. Tools