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This is a website for GCOM 363 Intermediate Web Design, Prof. Aaron Winters at SCC. It was developed using HTML5/CSS3 technologies. I use a horizontal parallax design theme using Javascript based animation.

SCC Event Calendar

SCC Event Calendar

This website was my final project for CISW410 PHP/MySQL programming. The Event Planner allowed a coach or event coordinator to administrate their own event type and security level.

City Farm

SCC City Farm website

This website was one of designs submitted for SCC City Farm project, which was developed in 2011 spring semester by the school’s faculty coordinator and graphic communications professor, Robyn Waxman.

Event Calendar Administration

Event Calendar Admin

The event calendar can be modified for any type of event. I use the basic structure from the SCC Event Calendar and modified it use on my website: which is used to plan Model Airplane Events for the Northern California region.

Shopping Cart Web Store

Shopping Cart

This is a sample of a shopping cart website programmed in PHP/MySQL.

Shopping Cart Administration

Shopping Cart Image

This is a sample of a shopping cart administration website programmed in PHP/MySQL.