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The AMA Pattern (F2B Schedule)

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See Control Line Precision Aerobatics flown by the experts

Take off and level flight

David Fitzgerald (724K)
Ted Fancher (1.5MB)

Reverse Wingover

David Fitzgerald (901K)
Ted Fancher (1.4MB)

Close Up


The Loops

Dave Fitzgerald (1.7MB)
Ted Fancher (1.7MB)


Dave Fitzgerald's StarGaser IV, click hear to learn more

The Squares

Dave Fitzgerald  (602K)
Ted Fancher (681K)
Brett Buck (491K)

The Triangle

Dave Fitzgerald  (553K)
Ted Fancher (371K)
Brett BucK (399K)

The Horizontals

Dave Fitzgerald  (1.2MB)

Ted Fancher (2.1MB)


The Verticals

David Fitzgerald (1.07MB)
Ted Fancher (2.1MB)


...more videos are hosted here

Overhead Eights

Ted Fancher (3.6MB)

David Fitzgerald

Four-leaf Clover

Dave Fitzgerald (653K)
Ted Fancher (975K )
Paul Walker (939K)


David Fitzgerald (724K)

Ted Fancher (4.2MB)