Our club highly recommends the Norvel BigMig Startup engines as a good choice for your first control line model. The new BigMig Startup series, with its integrated tank and starter spring, is just as easy to start and operate as its Cox counterpart.

The Norvel .049 and.061 BigMig Startup using muffler pressure as the stock setup. We found that this setup does not give you a consistent run from beginning to end. With a piece of 1/8" copper tubing, replace the muffler vent with a uniflow vent. This is also true with an external tank setup.

Vent the uniflow towards the front for maximum effect.

The vent in the tank should end on the pickup side about 3/8" in front of the fuel pickup. In our clubs Deweybird Racing event, we achieve an average 36 laps with this setup as apposed to 28 on the standard setup.