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My Favorite Links

National Air & Space Museum Aircraft
My favorite place to visit

Analog Resource



Quintessential Player
Better than Microsoft Media Player!

DVD Shrink
The Best software to backup your DVD collection and its FREE.
Windows resources for the IT professionals

Digital Director Video Editing Guide
A resource for the digital film maker

Movie Maker
A resource for the Microsoft Movie Maker 2

Best Free Utilities
16 best freeware utilities software

Favorite Music

Corrs Music
A great irish band!

ELP Official Site

Brain Salad

For Fun!

Matrix Ping Pong

Of God and Men



Tech Support

Tech Support Hell
Having problem with Microsoft XP?

The Tech Guide
Geeks with attitude

12 Top downloads

Bob's Windows Tips
Great optimization tips and tricks

Essential Software

Download Firefox to browse the Internet. It is more secure than Microsoft Explorer!

Download the best free virus software (Download A VG Free).

K-Lite Codec
All the Codec you will need!

Get rid of adware in the PC

Spy Sweeper
PC Mag Editor's Choice for 2007
download FREE version

Adware SE Free
Download Free adware software



AT&T Yahoo Portal


Kodak Easyshare

My YouTube