Platter Fun Fest

April 26th, 1998 first Platter Fun Fest sponsor by Western Associated Modelers Inc. (WAM)

The gang at Bill Osborne Flying Field "Platter Fun Fly" Feb 28th, 1998.
From the left is Kevin, Michael, Jagdip "Jag", John, Nick, Eric, Me & Tracy.

Platter Fest 98 was a success.  All flyers received ribbon for their participation. 

The 3 events included, ribbon cut, duration & balloon bust.  Everyone was a winner!

From the desk of Norma Buffon
WAM President 1998

Well, those of you who did not come to the first Platter Plane Fun Fly sure missed out on a lot of fun.  There were sixteen young flyers who participated in the festivities.  The day started slow with yours truly very anxious that the day be a success.  By 10:00am things were in full swing.  Gary Buffon spoke to all the new pilots about flying the different events and that the day was to have fun!  Then off they went to begin the fun fly.

Bill Osborne, Ron Hollaway, Carlos Vadillo and Mike Parazzo ran balloon bust circle where one of the highlights of the day was 4 years old Rosie Atkinson breaking a balloon.  Fred Margarida, Lynn Price, Tom Moore and Bob Bolling ran the circle where Jim Persson and David Diaz ran the ribbon cutting circle.  The object was to fly around and cut a crepe paper ribbon with your plane.  One flyer came in a little too far and whipped his plane around the rod before hitting the ground.  The plane was unharmed but sure looked funny.  Only one plane hit the rod and it was repaired in short order.  Heman Lee was seen working at all the circles to help the young fliers he invited to the event.

As noon arrived there was only one flier who hadn't completed his flight so we waited for him.  Then we presented participation ribbons to every youngster.  After the participation ribbons a raffle was held for 2 flight boxes, a Ringmaster that needs some work and some really neat airplane information cards being the prizes.  In addition Larry Fernandez, another father of a contestant, was a WAM combat flier many years ago.  Its great to see people from our past returning with another generation of fliers.  In speaking with all of our WAM helpers they all unanimously voiced having a good time.

We finished the day with a picnic lunch.  Then some of the folks stayed around and did some flying of various craft if I failed to acknowledge you by name I apologize.  I hope I remembered everyone.  Without you this event wouldn't have happened.

Norma Buffon - President 1998
Western Associated Modelers
6467 Conlon Ave.
El Cerrito,  CA 94530
Ph: 510-236-7106


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