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What happening in District X
AMA Membership Form

Central Arizona Control-Line Clubs
Control Line in the Arizona Region

 National Free Flight Society (nffs)
Dedicated to the interest of Free Flight Aeromodeling

Miniture Aircraft Combat Association

Navy Carrier Society
The Navy Carrier Society is the AMA recognized Special Interest Group for C/L Carrier flyers.

New Mexico Coalition of CL Addict
The Control Line addict in New Mexico.


(Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association )
Organization for the serious stunt flyer.

Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association - European version of PAMPA


SAM LogoNational Control Line Racing Association
This site is dedicated to Control Line Racing.

The Society of Antique Modeler's Northern California 
Chapter 27

Singapore Controlline Aeromodelling Group
For a small country, they seem very active in their youth modelling program. 


SLIS is an association for precision aerobatic modelpilots in Sweden for control line  flying

Local C/L and R/C Clubs (Northern California)

Aeronuts Logo
Founded by Bill Osborne.  Members fly every Sunday morning.  Kids model airplane program with the City of Alameda Park & Rec.  Bill also sponsors  the Hercules youth modeling program. 


Concord Model Engineers
Based in Concord, California, with members from all over the East Bay, we build and fly virtually everything with wings: electrics, gas, rubber, diesel, CO2, compressed air, sailplanes, U-Control, slope soarers, profile, free flight, ducted fans, combat, and RC.

Directions Hillcrest Park Model Airplane Field - Concord


Woodland - Davis AeroModelers Inc.
Host some of the best C/L contest in northern Cal.  A large modeling facility for R/C and C/L flying. Regular Control-Line flying is every Sunday from 10:00am to 2:00pm. If you wish to be notified on flying schedule and condition, send and Email the Linnwood Brothers, at

Jim Tichy Memorial Flying Circle

Kennedy Park, Napa CA

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