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PC Troubleshooting

  1. Basic computer repair - hard drive installation, memory upgrade, Windows re-installation. You need to ask yourself, if your computer is worth fixing. Technology more that 5 years old is obsolete. I'll give you're the straight answer. Don't let other try to rip you off.
  2. Internet setup - DSL, Dial-up, Multi-user access, E-Mail transfer from old ISP, Wireless Home Network. Get the all of the computers in your home sharing the same internet connection with no additional cost.
  3. Windows troubleshooting and complete reinstall with data transfer if needed.
  4. Install FREE Virus Scan software and Spyware software as needed. I will perform basic Virus Scan and Spyware check on you system.
  5. Can't get your Cable TV to work through your computer?
  6. Need basic computer training - Windows XP, MS Office, Email, Internet, DVD burning, File Management, How to work with CD, DVD, Floppy, Flash Memory, Digital Camera, Video Download, etc. Are you intimidated by other techs that talk above you? I specialize in working with seniors.


I have over 25 year in the professional IT field as a PC Support Engineer, System Engine, Network Certified Engineer and Network Administrator. I am currently retired from the IT Field but still active in teaching Basic Computers to senior at the Asian Community Center and E.M. Hart Senior Center.


I've very affordable, my rates start at $35/hr for standard in home service (2 hour minimum). Additional hours needed at $30/hr. That is the best price in town.