Lesson 1 : The Mouse

Welcome to my Computer Class. The Mouse is the most important skill you need to master in order to perform most task on today’s computers. After you have learned how to properly hold your mouse, the next step it to move the pointer around the screen. Try to rest the heel of your palm firmly on the desk while pushing the mouse with your fingers.

The Mouse Buttons

There are 3 buttons on a modern mouse. Each button performs a particular function that will help you perform a specific task on the computer. It is important that you memorize the function of each button so they become second nature.

How to hold your Mouse

Move the arrow on the mouse.

This is the proper way to hold the mouse.

How to use the Mouse

The mouse is an extension of your index finger. It controls the arrow or pointer you see on the screen. Try to move the arrow up, down, left and right to the edge your screen. Make sure that the tail is oriented forward so moving forward will move the arrow upward on the screen.

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Move the mouse over an object and look for a callout to appear next to the object. This will give you additional information. In an application, this will help you see the function of each button.

On the Internet, you will see a pointing hand when you hover over some text or buttons. This mean that you can click on it to take you to another page. These are called Hyperlinks.

Selected Icon

Click on a desktop ICON. When it is selected, there is usually an indication such as color change or hightlighting. De-selecting is also important. To de-select. move the mouse to a blank area of the screen and click.

Click on an object and hold the button down while dragging to a different are of the screen. Try to re-position an icon on your desktop. This is use to move an object. In a painting or drawing application, it is use to draw on the screen.

Dragging is one of the methods use to select a block of text.

Hold down the primary mouse button at the beginning of text and drag to the end.Selection is a vital process in all applications.

Dragging over an object such as a icon is use to move it to a different position or place. The purpose is to copy or move file inside a folder or device.

Place the mouse on top of an icon and click twice as fast as you can. Double-click means to open or launch an application or open a folder.

Use the middle button and gentle roll it up or down to view a different part of the screen. This will allow you to page down or up to view a long document or web page.

Scrolling Review
Selected Icon

The scroll wheel also acts like a button. Press the scroll button in the middle of your page or web site. Move the mouse arrow away from the anchor point. The further you move it the fast it will scroll. The page will scroll in the opposite direction of the position of the mouse arrow from the anchor. It will look like an ocean current &mdash thus the word Anchor.

Scrolling Exercise

Click on the right button to see a menu. The menu is context sensitive which means it relates to the object you select. This is usually the hardest one for people to master because they get confused between which button to use afterwards. The right button will ALWAYS give you a shortcut menu.