Designed by Randy Bush

If you have a standard vented tank and you are having problems with even engine run throughout your flight, try this simple alternative to the Uniflow tank setup.  The beauty of this solution is that you can do it at the field without soldering.   You just need a piece of fuel tubing.

Rap the fuel tubing from the fill side all the way around to the overflow side and connect the two together.  Cut a notch for the air vent in the center of the tubing.   A variation of this is to us a T-connector, so you have more positive ram air pressure.

Another reason for this, is to prevent fuel from siphoning out because of air pressure over the vent.

Make sure that you face the notch towards the front for maximum effect.

This version is setup for racing.  It have a more positive ram air pressure setup at the top.


A t-joint from plumbing or aquarium supply store is an alternative method of venting instead of cutting a slit in the tubing.

Front View