About Me

Heman Lee with Ringmaster
My 27oz Ringmaster powered by OS .20 FP engine and APC 9 X 4 propeller.

To: My Control Line Model Airplane Friends and Computer Students

For those of you who do not know, I have been battling kidney disease since 1994. That was the reason why I got back into modeling. It was one of the few activities I could still do. In 2005 before going to the Northwest Regionals, my kidneys failed and I had to start dialysis treatment. Since that time I have been on the kidney donor waiting list.

On Augusts 22nd, 2009, I was informed by the U. C. Davis Transplant Center that a kidney was available. I received a new kidney that night.

The recovery process is slow and grueling, a lot of blood test, readjustment of meds and weekly appointment for first month. Initially, I will be on a very high dose of anti-rejection medication for first 3 months, therefore I will not be able to attend any contest or be out in public until next year.

I appreciate everyone's support of my web site. I will still try to keep this site current, so send me your stories and pictures. Thanks for all of your well wishes.
Heman Lee

For more information about becoming a donor visit the U.C. Davis Transplant Center.