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The Annual WAM Awards Banquet

January 22nd, 2000

It was a great year for our club, taking home a total of 11 perpetual trophies at the banquet.

Heman Lee, 1999 President

Bill Osborne  and I received special awards for our work with the youth modeling program.

P.J. Cunningham donated 18 baby flight streak kit to the youth program.

Jagdip Singh was the overall Novice Champion.


Bob English

All the youth attendees were awarded achievement certificates.

Kevin Antaki is the Novice Balloon Champion.

Eric Reed is the Novice Glider Champion 2 years running.  Eric also took the junior Stunt award.

Dylan Lowe accept the Beginner Club award for the AeroManiacs.

Tracy is WAM's Junior Princess.

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