Control Line Video Clips

Aer-O-Nuts Action

A 3:30 minutes flight on a Cox Golden Bee. This is the 2nd flight for this Musciano carved body planked wing model. Many thanks to Lewis Lingwood for his excellent camera skills.

Musciano Contest

ARF Flite Streak Action

Top Flite's new ARF Flite Streak powered with a stock OS20FP and Tornado 9 X 4 propeller. Flown on standard .015 by 60 straided cable..

Reverse Wingover to Hourglass (10.7MB)

BiSlob Action

Dueling BiSlobs

Flying Flounder Action

Splatter Action (Modified Platter)

The flying is these video clips are done using a Platter with the C.G. set extremely far back. If fact, its so far back that only a handful of us could fly it. The Platter is powered by a Norvel BigMig .061 and a tank made from a "formula-bottle liner" which give the model a very consistent run.

Randy Bush Flying sitting down

Meet & Meat 2003 Stunt Contest

Download High Res Full Length Feature (13:55)
Featuring the famous Fox 15 hurl event!

Uncle Jimby

This file is huge, so it would be better if you can download it first. Just Right-Click on picture and select "Save Target As".
52.9MB 320 X 220 at 512Kbps
Expert Pilot: Jim Aron

Meet n Meat X

Day 2 - PAMPA Class

Bill Werage at VSC 14

NW Flying Clown Racing

Dave Fitzgerald Complete Pattern

Current 2003 National Champion, David Fitzgerald shows how the pattern should be on model

Paul Walker in Action

With an unprecendented 8 Nationals, see Paul Walker's Saito 72 powered "Miss America P51" in Action Click on picture above to view (9.8MB)

See the hands of a Champion - Paul Walker at VSC14 logo
...more videos are hosted here

Ted Fancher's, Just what the "Doctor" ordered. Ted Fancher's proves you don't need no stinkin' flaps!

Fancher's Doctor Thumb

2008 Northwest Regionals Highlights

Part 1

Part 2

Results and Fox 15 Hurl Trophy