Shopper's Guide to
Control Line Models & Supplies

The following are Hyper-Links to Control Line Model Airplane sources. I am not affiliated with these companies or receive any promotional funds. It is up to you to determine which suppliers you wish to do business with

Heman Lee


Doug Galbreath Free Flight Airplane Stuff
Nelson head for Cox and Norvels engines
MM Glider Tech
Black Sheep Squadron
Kits from the Czech Republic
Spinners and prop nuts
Virginia Hobbysport

 Local Suppliers (Northern California)

(916) 731-5868

J & M HOBBY HOUSE (Brodak Dealer)
(650) 593-5019

Order Desk: (800)811-2009
Technical Assistance: (925)443-5900
FAX (925)443-5901

Carl Shoup Products

Fancher Precision Pro Handle Kit $25, Syringe with new CNC machined UHMW plunger end that uses a silicone o ring for glow fuel or a Buna N o ring for gas or diesel .The price for the whole syringe is $18.00 plus shipping and the new end for $9.00 plus shipping. You can Email me at or call me at 970-434-0906

Carl Shoup
3172 Glendam Dr.
Grand Junction, CO 81504
phone # 970-250-8047

C/L Electric Resource

  • JMP 2 Time for C/L
    JMP Solutions
  • Windy's Z Tron Timers
  • Source for connectors and arming switches: R/C Hobbies and More
  • Source for FF and CL timers
    Electric Free
  • ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers)
    Castle Creations Inc.
  • FM-9 Timer
    Will Hubin Timer Brochure
  • Kits & Supplies

    American Junior Classic
    A-J historian, Frank Macy, shares his knowledge and historic collection from over 35 year years of research into the life of Jim Walker and American Junior.

    Randy Smith's World Class Aerobatics Stuff PA engines, Aero-tiger, tuned-pipes, Bolly props and more...

    Barry Baxter's Control-line Plans Service
    Old-time and classic stunt and combat plans.
    Blue Sky Models
    Classic model kits.
    Built Right Fly Right
    Custom crafted kits by Walter Umland
    Black Hawk Model
    Walt Musciano designed model kits.
    BJM Enterprises
    Brodak and other control line kits and supplies
    The Largest Supplier of Control-Line Models, Engines & Accessories.
    Largest Supplier of Cox Parts
    Easy Built Model
    Old time model the "American Senior" C/L kit here.
    A good source for Tunderbolt glow plug and Magnum engines.
    Eric Rule has a fine assortment of C/L kits and accessories.
    Sig Manufacturing Co., Inc.
    Check out the new ARF Primary Force stunter designed my Mike Pratt. Sig also make control line airplane kits from 1/2a to .60 size engines!
    MNT International
    Well known internation champion, Kaz Minato has Stunt Engine, ARF kit and accesories. Email him for orders.
    Stunt Supply
    Mike Griffen Millenium Wing
    Tom Morris Products
    Tom Morris Lincoln Log Wing System. Pre-fabricated stunt components or completely framed models.
    J&J Hobbies (Control Line Central)
    has take over some of Tom's components.
    Tom Dixon
    Specializing in C/L stunt product and plans.
    They have good price on engines!
    Great price on OS LA Series Engines for Control Line
    Ultra Hobbies Products LLC

    Specializing in C/L component stunt kits. Geseke Nobler kits. Coming in Spring 2010 - Paul Walker's Impact.
    Uncle Willie's Plans
    Specializing in C/L plans.
    Windy Urtnowski Pro Stunt Products
    World Class stunt model finishing products

    Engines & Propellers

    Norvel Engines
    Back in business!
    APC Propellers
    The largest selection of electric props. Order any size propeller online!
    Bolly Propellers
    Carbon and Glass Composite Propellers
    Eliminator Propellers
    Carbon Propellers and gear.
    Fox anufacturing
    Makers of the venerable Fox 35 Stunt Engine
    Just Engines
    Mac Products
    Exhaust system for model airplane engine.
    Mecoa Engines
    Engine part and repair for Mecoa, K&B, HP, Fuji and RJL.
    Ro-Jett Engines
    World class stunt engines by Richard Oliver.
    Thunder Tiger
    Order Thunder Tiger Propeller
    Halfa Works
    After market stuff for 1/2a engines

    Combat Models

    Li'l Hacker kits, call (717) 566-3810
    GRS Models
    European Combat ARF Kits
    Larry Driskill's Combat Models
    Tomas Mejzlik Combat Model from the Czech Republic
    Wakkerman Combat
    Viko Models

    Building Materials

    Aerospace Composite Products
    New materials for making light and strong models
    Balsa USA
    Bulk balsa wood.
    The Composite Store
    Order .2 Carbon Tissue for air frame.  Price is good!
    Lone Star Balsa
    Back in business!   Order Balsa Online.   Price is good!
    National Balsa
    Bulk balsa wood.
    Polyester tissue that look like silkspan but stronger!
    RTL Fasteners
    Why pay $1.00 for 4 screws!
    Micro Fasteners
    Bulk scews and bolts.
    Model Research Lab
    Info in CA and covering
    Tap Plastics
    Mold making supplies.