My Projects

Skystreak 1/2A stunter using a Core House Half-Lite combat wing covered with FASCAL adhesive backed laminate.
Nose Moment: 4-3/4" Tail Moment: 8" Length: 20 3/4"
Half-Lite Stunter
The Half-Lite Stunter using a Core House Half-Lite combat wing.
Brodak's Baby Clown" powered with a Norvel BigMig .049. I took first place in Intermediate Stunt at the 2003 Northwest Regional in Albany, OR. Notice that my run time was about 6 minutes with a Brodak 1oz uniflow tank running 18% nitro.
Ringmaster 2006 - This is my Lite Ringmaster 27oz. powered by an OS FP20.
Restored Big Job
Applying polyspan - I used a waterbased (Balsarite) product called "Balsaloc" which allowed me to apply the polyspan indoors with a monokote iron. After final shrinking with a heat gun, I was able to seal with dope later when the weather get warmer.

Musciano Stunt Master 2003

Magnum Plus

My version of Ted Fancher's "Doctor".
Making my own carbon landing gear.
Primary Force 2003

Fancy Pants

This Imitation is built from an modified AJ kit. It is powered by a Moki .51

Re-designed 1/2A stunter using RSM ME109 wing.
Brodak's Baby Flite Streak, Norvel .049
Musciano Cyclone with Cox Golden Bee modified to use an external tank.
This Modifed Baby Clown won Intmediate PA at the 2003 NW Regionals with a score of 469.
PDQ Baby Clown (not Brodak)

Building the Jim Walker's Firecat


Ready for silkspan.
I changed the pushrod exit position from the bottom to the top. The original setup was to make a difficult bent at the trailing edge which also requiring notching out a channel in the trailing edge bottom. My new method allows the pushrod to make a straight exit to the control horn.
Ringmaster with OS20FP and APC 9X4 prop. Brodak Dope and Silkspan pre-dyed with Ritz "Aquamarine" liquid dye. Decals made on Epson inkjet printer on Micromark decal paper.

Masking the trim
Modified Sig Skyray 35 with OS25LA and Mac muffler. Finished with Rustoleum on the fuselage and Ultracote on the wing.
My Fancherized Sig Twister.

Brodak's "Flying Clown" powered by an  OS .10 FP.
ME109 1/2 A class stunt from RSM.  Powered by Cox Tee Dee .049.
I rebuilt this Larry Fernandez Sig Chipmunk.
Sig's Banshee,  McCoy Red Head .35 engine.  Originally built by my brother in 1974.  I still fly it today.

The Old Days

My first full fusalage stunt ship - Veco's “Smoothie”.
It is powered by a Testors/ McCoy 21 series .35 engine.

1972: That me at age 14 with my newly built Carl Goldberg's "Shoestring Stunter" with McCoy/Testors .35 21 series
Our model airplane club in Sacramento, 1971.
That Pete's "Buster" with Fox .35.