Aer-O-Nuts at the Northwest Regionals
May 23rd, 24th 2003

Aeronuts wins 1st place at the 2003 Northwest Regionals in Albany OR. From left: Heman Lee, 1st in Intermediate Stunt, Jim Persson and Randy Bush won in NorthWest Sport Racing.

Randy Bush in the Flying Clown racing event.

Aeronut's racing team of Bush and Persson broke the Northwest Regional event record for "Northwest Sport Race" .

Randy Bush in a tight heat with 3 other racers came out victorious in the Northwest Sport Racing event.

Heman Lee's "Brodak Baby Clown" powered with a Norvel BigMig .049 took first place in Intermediate Stunt at the 2003 Northwest Regional in Albany, OR. Notice that my run time was about 6 minutes with a Brodak 1oz uniflow tank running 18% nitro.

Stunt News - July/August 2003 p96
Impressions by Dan Rutherford.

'Heman Lee showed up, support equipment and two 1/2A models in a cardboard box. I thought to myself: "Oh, Lord, A local guy heard about this contest, he and his kids are here thinking they will be flying against other youngsters. It's going to be ugly when he steps outside this hanger. "With that I nodded a welcome and walked away to get more coffee.

Wrong! Heman flew his Baby Clown comfortably in mildly bumpy OTS first round conditions which gave several of us trouble. And then he went on the a welcome-to-Advanced 469 win in Intermediate PA. Bravo!'



Yes, I received a 485 from some unknown judge name DF (David Fitzgerald) on my .049 powered Baby Clown.