Aer-O-Nut's Bob Frogner Wins

15 Carrier (Sportsman Class) at Muncie

Alameda Aer-O-Nuts, Bob Frogner take first place in the 2003 AMA Nationals for 15 Carrier Sportman Class. He flew a model called the Sniper, designed by Bill Bishof (of Texas). The model is powered by an original Cox Conquest 15 running a 7X4 prop and 35% nitro.

My first flight was a splash, I touched the ground right after takeoff so that was a big zero. The next flight was a complete flight and the last flight was the best.The max speed for the event is 70mph, above that you don't get any more points, my high speed was 65mph so I was close. My low speed was 1 min 48 seconds for 8 laps (1/2 mile on 52 ft lines). Another way to look at it is my high speed was 3.45 sec/lap and the low was 13.5 sec/lap so almost 4 times slower than the high.

Pilot High Speed MPH Low Speed MPH Landing Bonus Score
Bob Frogner 65.050 16.603 100 N/A 204.2
Dave King 57.873 28.923 100 N/A 177.9
Art Johnson 58.685 25.207 95 N/A 177.0
Ted Kraver 40.370 35.080 0 N/A 51.9