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Alameda Aer-O-Nut's
Annual Musciano Event

On September 7th, 2003, the Alameda Aer-O-Nut Control Line club, hosted our first west coast version of Northern Virginia's famous "Walt Musciano Scientific Model Contest". Qualifying models must be made from a solid carved fuselage and solid sheet wing version of any "Walt Musciano" design which was kitted by the Scientific Model Airplane Co. back in the 50's and early 60's. Also, only low performance period engines makes this event both challenging and fun.

This is now an annual event by the Aer-O-Nut and is one of the largest Musicano contest in the country.

Mike McCarty's Combat Master won the Concourse at this year Musciano 2007

The First Event in Alameda 2003


Little Devil with original box

Musciano Event 2007

Dave Shirley Jr and Sr attended the 2009 event

Musciano Event

Rules by the NVCL

List of Eligible Models


Pictures from previous years event

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Appearance Judging 2005

Jim Persson flying his Little Bipe

West Coast Musciano First Event 2003 (Part1)

2003 (Part 2)

Stunt 2005