Alameda Aer-O-Nut's
7th Annual Walt Musciano Event 2009


StuntMasterOn August 23th, 2009, the Alameda Aer-O-Nut Control Line club, hosted our sixth west coast version of northern Virginia's famous "Walt Musciano Scientific Model Contest".

Appearance Judging



Alameda Aer-O-Nuts 2009
7th Annual Walt Musciano West Coast Championship

There have been many modeling events held recently claiming nostalgia and of the way things used to be. If you started modeling from the 50s to the 70s and flew control line, chances are you built and flew (or tried to) one of the Scientific company's, Walt Musciano-designed ½ A control line kits. They were produced from 1949 throughout the 70s. They were cheap, easy to build, with solid hollowed-out fuselage and solid wing and tail parts -- but mostly great fun.
Speaking of fun, skip ahead to 1997. A group from the Northern Virginia Control Line Club held the first Walt Musciano Contest. They contacted Walt and he agreed to attend. They produced a set of rules, everyone had such a good time and word got out and before they knew it other groups around the country started holding gatherings. I call them gatherings because even thought there are rules and competitive events mainly they are very relaxed and the objective is always to have fun and lots of it.
In 2003 the Alameda Aer-O-Nuts in California held their 1st annual contest. This year August 23, 2009, we held our 7th Annual. This event has been gaining participation every year. This year we had 42 models and 19 contestants (the largest Musciano event in the country).

The Aer-O-Nuts are very fortunate to have a great flying facility in the Bill Osborne Control Line Flying Field. This site has been in existence for over 60 years and is maintained by the city. There are two circles of lawn with outer asphalt rings.
For this year's contest we had great weather with slight breezes throughout the day and temperatures in the 70s. The contest consists of four events: Concours, Stunt, Proto Speed, and Team Race. This year there was quite heavy competition in the concours with some really beautiful models. All contestants can enter one model and everyone has one vote. This year's winner was George Ellison with his very detailed TBM Avenger, by the way all concours models must fly. George's did so and even made the bomb drop.

The stunt winner was Dave Shirley flying his Cox Powered Cyclone. Second in stunt was 12-year-old Miguel Gomez, flying a Cox Powered Combat Master. Miguel is our current and upcoming Jr. Flyer. Our previous Jr. was Paul Farrell, who became AMA NATS Senior Champion and went on to fly in the World Champs. Third Place Stunt was Dan Gomez flying his past Concours winning Ford Flivver.

The Proto Speed event was our most highly competitive event. Coming in first was Kert Kerner, flying a Fox-powered Me109 at 29:06 seconds--previously flown to 1st place at the Virginia 2007 meet by Mike McCarthy. Second place was Randy Bush flying his Black Widow-powered Me109 at 30:29. Third was Ed Bridant at 33:17 flying a Fox-powered Bullet.

The race event is lots of fun with a sometimes varied group of models and pilots -- some very experienced and some not. This years winner was fleet-footed race pilot Randy Bush flying his Black Widow-powered ZigZag to a 60 lap (with one stop) victory in a time of 3:48. Second place was Kert Kerner flying his Bullet to a 4:20 and third was Peter Parker's ZigZag at 4:28. Kert also ended up being overall champ.

After the competition, prizes and great trophies were awarded. Everyone who participated received a stack of balsa generously donated by John Gomez III. Thanks to all who participated or attended.
All in all the 7th annual Musciano Event was a great success and most of all we had lots of fun. For most of us it was a chance to visit our formative years in modeling and for others of the newer generations, just lots of fun.
If you want to start a Walt Musciano event in your area, plans and rules are available.

Contact Jim Persson,, 925-846-3999.




Score Model Engine
Dave Shirley Jr.   Cyclone Cox BB
Miguel Gomez 12yr old   Combat Master Cox BW
Dan Gomez   Ford Flivver Cox Babe Bee


Kert Kerner 29:06 ME 109 Fox .049
Randy Bush 30:29 ME109 Cox BW
Ed Bridant 33:17 Bullet Fox .049


Randy Bush


ZigZag Cox BW
Kert Kerner 4:20 Bullet  
Peter Parker 4:28 ZigZag