Alameda Aer-O-Nut's
6th Annual Walt Musciano Event 2008

On September 24th, 2008, the Alameda Aer-O-Nut Control Line club, hosted our sixth west coast version of northern Virginia's famous "Walt Musciano Scientific Model Contest".

Concourse de Elegance Winner

"Little Ace" built by Dave Shirely Sr.


Overall Winner!



Concourse Dave Shirley.Overall Champ Randy Bush. We had a total of 22 planes& great weather . You were there,so you can embelish a little in your the wayall of the balsa we gave as prizes was donated by JohnGomez.T hanks again for your support and the great pictures on the web site.



Score Model Engine
Jim Perrson 102 102 Cyclone Cox BB
Heman Lee 99 Cyclone Cox BW
Randy Bush 99 ME109 Cox
Dan Gomez 84 Ford Fliver Cox BW
Mike McCarthy 74 Stunt Master Fox
Dave Shirley Sr. 44 Little Ace  


Jim Perrson 28:50 Cyclone  
Mike McCarthy 28:93 Stunt Master  
Randy Bush 29:94 ME109  
Heman Lee 35:42 Cyclone  
Jim Berwick 40:73    


Heman Lee 3:37 Atomic  
Randy Bush 3:43 ME 109