The founders, Bill Osborne (Left) and Ron Cecchentini (Right).

Bill started building model gliders and planes in 1927 with one of his fist constructions being "The Sprit of St. Louis". Bill attended Frank Wiggins Trade School to learn the art of model building and at that time they were rubber powered. His fist gas powered plane was a tether trainer powered by an Olhson 60.

A flying club was formed and their first contest was at Woodstock Park in Alameda with a club from Berkeley. In 1945 as a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, along with Roland Cecchettini, Bill Osborne developed a project to obtain a flying field in Alameda, California. Working with then Mayor Winthrop Brandschied, City Manager Don McMillan, and Superintendent of Recreation Otto Rittler, a flying field was approved and located across the road from today's field in southern Alameda. It included one grass and one blacktop circle. In 1955, the field was moved to its present location to make room for the new gold course.

Bill Osborne, one of the Northern California Association of Model Airplane Clubs' (now the Western Associated Modelers - WAM) most dedicated and enthusiastic members foresaw the need for a challenging program for youth in pursuing all types of modeling activities. To this end, he has devoted many thousands of hours over the past 50 years to the instruction and supervision of this beneficial endeavor (Cecchetini 1997). His primary concern then as now is to have a safe program for all involved. A perfect record of safe operation has existed at the Alameda Field for more than 50 years.

In 1982, in recognition of Bill's volunteer service and dedication to the community, the field was renamed to the "Bill Osborne Model Flying Field".

CL Circle

In 1999. Bill Osborne  spent $7000 of his own fund to make a new runway on the big circle.  Any donations to complete this project are welcome.  The circle can be used for ABCD stunt, speed and racing.