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Membership Info:

Club Type: CL
AMA Club Number: 4456
Duane Roach
3173 Phoenix Ln
Alameda CA 94502-6924
Home Phone: 510-521-8216

What's Happening

at the Bill Osborne Model Airplane Flying Field?   Come and watch the excitement every Saturday or Sunday morning.   Our club specializes in introducing youth to the exciting hobby of Control Line Model Airplane and the Model Aviation in general. So, drop by our field and we will be happy to get you started.

Osburne Dedication group 2005

Bill Osborne Memorial Placard dedication on May 7th 2005

ill Osborne Placque Dedication in Alameda with some memorable words by Jim Persons and Carlos Vadillo.

Musciano Event


Platter Fest Fun Flying

Four Platters in the air at the New Years Day "Platter Bash" and "Pot-luck"..

Instructor, Heman Lee relaxes while flying a "Splatter" model.

Racing Clinic

Bob Frogner and Peter Parker battle it out in the racing circle.


USS Hornet Deck

Flying off the carrier deck of the USS Hornet


Our first annual Walt Musciano 1/2A contest was great success.


Carlos Vadillo teaches this year "Osborne Platter Building 2003" class, with support from the Aer-O-Nut and Alameda Rec and Parks Department.

Winning Competition!

2006 Nat Winner

Aer-O-Nut, Paul Ferrell is the National Seniors Champion in CLPA.

US Team Trial

Father and son team of Kevin and Paul Ferrell represents the Alameda,Aer-O-Nuts with their bright yellow shirts

Winning Team

Team Bush and Perrson does it again with 3 trophies at the 'Virgil Wilbur Memorial' contest at Wittier Narrows.

Lee Letchworth of the Alameda Ae-O-Nuts takes 3rd in 80 mph Combat at this years Regional. Lee has returned
to combat competition after a long absence.

1/2A Flying

Larry Wong's scratch built Norvel .061 powered stunter.


Dave Stevenson of Concord placed 2nd in 1/2a combat at the 2006 Northwest Regionals.


Mike Scholtes from Alameda with his new Old Time model, the "Stinger"

Nice monokote work by Dan Gomez on this Stelleto.

Upcoming Stunt Pilots Larry Wong and Dan Gomez

Work Party

Aer-O-Nut's work party prepare special memorial for Bill Osbourne.