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 2007 West Coast Musciano Contest

A Tribute to Doug Barton

2007 Meet 'N Meat Result

2007 ARF-OFF Results

West Coast Musciano Contest

Mike McCarty take the Concours with this hand-painted Combat Master at
this years event in Alameda.

Ted Goyet Classic

Imitation V by Paul Pomposo at the Ted Goyet Classic

Great American ARF-OFF


Real Time Wind Condition in Woodland
R eal Time Weather at Bill Osborne Field

September 22nd,23rd 2007
Meet 'n Meat IX
Fox 15 Hurl
Bring your own "Meat" BBQ
Condiments Provided
Mavis Henson Field, Woodland CA
Sat: Classic, Old-Time
Sun: PAMPA Class Stunt

Contact Jim Aron (510) 527-5377 W: 654-2200
pre-registration form
click here for map

October 7th, 2007
Napa Vintage Stunt

Kennedy Park, Napa CA
pre-registration form

October 27th,28th 2007
The 29th Annual
Golden State Stunt Championships
Sat: Classic, Old-Time
Sun: PAMPA Class Stunt

Gilroy High School
Gilroy, CA
CD: Larry Fernandez
Email: Larry.Fernandez@L-3com.com


Control Line Action!

Crusader launches at the Ted Goyet Classic

Wacky Platter Flying