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1999 Contest & Events

The Aeromaniacs

Kevin Antaki win 1st place in balloon busting at the Sacramento Barnstormer's contest.

Eric Reed take 1st place in 5", 10" and 2nd in catapult at the June 6th Vacaville contest.

The gang in front of this Lockheed "Electra" at the Woodland/Davis Airshow.

Eric Reed is WAM's 1998 junior glider champion.


Youth Training at the Bill Osborne Field

Gary Buffon of WAM gives instructions on flying bigger models.

August 22nd 1998, was a day of fun for the Hercules Modelers!
AMA Expo Youth Day.

We thank R/C instructors Glenn Howard and Bill Preston of the Pioneer R/C Field in Sunnyvale CA, for sponsoring this event.

Matt Cusack on the stick. 

Jagdig Singh "Jag" on the stick with coaching from Glenn Howard. 

Eric Reed with typical R/C trainer. 

Jason Tajima flys R/C with instructor Bob Preston. 

SAM27 contest, July 25th, 1998

The gang is having a lot of fun with gliders at the last SAM27 contest. 
From Left:: Tracy Wong, Kelvin Wong, Jagdip "Jag" Singh and Michael Williams.
ericff2.jpg (20083 bytes)
Eric launches his Sig "Mini Maxer" 

Woodland/Davis WAM Contest, April 19th 1998.

Eric Reed wins with a flight of 49 sec for Catapult Glider. 

The gang place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Catapult Gliders.