Hercules CA Model Airplane Class

Summer 1997




Kids CL Racing

In the class, the kids built their own Control-Line model called the Osborne Plater. Bill Osborne who is founder of the Bill Osborne Flying Field in Alamada designed this model as a trainer.  It is a model airplane that is made out of foam board that can be purchased at any art-supply store. Install an engine mount, bellcrank, elevator and rudder, and you have a low cost airplane that can be built for a few dollars. This model is a great trainer because it is almost indestructible when crashing on grass. It can even do basic aerobatics such as loops and wing-overs. The materials and COX .049 engines are supplied to the class by Bill and Estes Industries (formerly Cox).
The Osborne PlaterFoxboro Community Center, Hercules, CA Instructor, Heman Lee
Jason Tajima,11Kevin Antaki,9Sartha Sarkaria,10
Kevin AntakiAri
Kevin Koch, 9Andres Hernandez, 9Class Schedule

Bill O





Bill OsbornePainting the PlaterFlying the Platers